Notification of Your Right to Decline the Sale or Distribution of Personal Information – Mastercare

In accordance with the privacy regulations set forth by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA), the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA), the Nevada Privacy Law, and the Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CDPA), we recognize your right to control your personal information.
Mastercare, Inc. is committed to your privacy. Although we do not profit directly from selling your data, we acknowledge that personal information might be utilized to support targeted advertising, as well as selling or sharing activities as defined by the aforementioned state laws. This notice serves to inform residents of California, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, and Connecticut of their rights to opt out of such practices.
To exercise your right to opt out of the collection and use of data on this digital platform for targeted advertising or any form of data selling/sharing, you may:
(a) adjust your cookie settings on this site to refuse all non-essential cookies. It’s important to note that clearing your cookies or using a different browser or device will require a renewal of your opt-out decision on this site;
(b) activate a universal do not track signal (e.g., Global Privacy Control or GPC) that communicates your opt-out preferences automatically. We honor the GPC signal as an opt-out request; and/or
(c) complete the form below for a comprehensive opt-out that may extend beyond this digital property, where applicable.
Please understand that each Mastercare franchise is independently owned and operated. Requests concerning franchisee client or employee records should be directed to the respective franchise office.
Should you be submitting this request on behalf of another individual, you must provide valid authorization, such as a power of attorney or a consent form signed by the consumer, for Mastercare, Inc. to verify. By submitting this request, you (a) confirm that Mastercare, Inc. has the right to contact your to verify your identity and process your request and (b) consent to Mastercare, Inc.’s coordination with its service providers and third-parties where Honor Technology, Inc. determines it is necessary in order to respond to your request.